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Join EPIC on Friday July 1st at Edmonds Community Centre for the annual Canada Day celebration!

EPIC in the Ledge...Thanks Raj!

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  Edmonds Community School, 6:30pm

  Tuesday, January 26, 2016
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Shared Community-Building in Edmonds, Burnaby

As we work together to build a caring, creative and nurturing community, E.P.I.C. would like to suggest the kind of questions we are using to help guide our community-building:

  • What do you value in a neighbourhood?
  • What do you think the ideal Edmonds neighbourhood looks like?
  • Are there activities or groups that you already participate in, or would like to participate in?
  • Do you have interests or passions that you would value discussing or sharing in with neighbours?
  • Are there topics or activities that you are familiar enough with to lead or teach neighbours?
  • Do you have skills, talents, gifts, or abilities that you would be comfortable sharing with neighbours?
  • Do you have life experiences that you would consider sharing with neighbours?

       Residents Association in Edmonds Neighbourhood